Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yesterday's Thrifting

Hello all! :) I wanted to blog a bit about my three great deals I found yesterday. I was visiting a friend out in Orlando and we decided to check out a huge thrift store near her apartment. Now I mostly am a Goodwill shopper as we don't have too many genuine "thrift stores" where I live, so it was hard to believe that a mecca like this existed! On the outside it didn't look like much, but the inside is where the treasures laid! There were racks of clothing, shoes, dresses, furniture, etc. Unlike Goodwill where everything is the same price (i.e all dresses $5.99 no matter what condition they're in), everything here was priced differently. A lot of the items were about $2-even dresses and bottoms! They had end tables for $3! Sadly we were only able to spend half an hour there, but I managed to find three great steals in that time. It was lucky that I had $8 cash on me because that's all they accepted! I never carry cash, but now I know that it definitely comes in handy! When we were leaving they even had some LV, Chanel, and Coach purses on the wall, but I didn't check to see how much they were. I'd assume a reasonable amount though! :)

Rave leather jacket ($3.95), Community Thrift

Japanese scarf ($1.97)

Express Design Studio dress shirt ($2-it was half off!)

 I had also found this awesome antique phone there, but they were asking $24 which seemed a bit much for a thrift store. It was gorgeous though and now I wish I had bought it, but sadly as it was cash only I had to pass ):

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