Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More of my room

     Yesterday I spent part of my day sorting through an old stack of fashion magazines which has been piling up under my bed. I was clipping out inspirations for future outfits to go into my lookbook (pictured below). Not only do I have a passion for fashion, but I have a passion for organization as well! I can't stand clutter laying around. I can't think or focus on anything with a pile of stuff in my way. With that being said, my room actually ends up looking clean about half the time, so I guess it's just a win/lose situation!


Part of my lookbook

Shelf (excuse the precalc textbook in the corner ;)

More jewelry with a vintage Martin Hidalgo painting of Madrid that I picked up for $1!

First shelf

Vintage tea set ($8.99), vintage picture frame ($5.99), and tea pot($2.99)

Ceramic egg ($12.99) that I picked up in Germany

My lovely clock! ($3.99)

Shelf number 2 with the rest of my jewelry!


  1. This is a beautiful post! I posted about Bazaar today. I am also giving away a silver, spaghetti strapped long dress of mine today. Size 6. Check it out!

  2. The Madrid painting is to die for! Love it!

  3. You are just adorable! Keep being who you are. It's nice to know there are folks like you out there.

  4. your things are fabu! I love thrift stores.