Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The past few days

I actually got this F21 blouse for only $3 at Plato's!

Remember these recent shorts?

The dress and blazer from this weekend's thrifting and the vintage makeup bag I found for 50 cents awhile back.
This is what I've been wearing the past few days. I've really been into a lot of classic colors lately (blacks,browns,navys,whites). I've just been thinking of all the things that inspire me lately. Vintage wallpapers, other fashion blogs, thrifting, colors...everything is really inspirational and beautiful in its' own way! A few other things I've been loving from F21 lately...it's funny how I am on their website all the time but rarely go in the store itself to actually purchase anything! Probably because it's a good drive to get out to the nearest one ):
Loving the "sheer" (pun intended!) versatility of this

Reminds me of Chanel, and anything that reminds me of Chanel is a good thing!

This could be worn a million different ways

Found this on another blogger's site...I love the detailing!


  1. Super cute stuff! I love the dress and blazer look :)

  2. I love your scarf! I've been looking for the perfect one at thrift stores but I just haven't found it yet:)

    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  3. Thanks! The best part was...it was only 44 cents! :)

  4. Love the stuff you've been finding! The scarf is great. :-)


  5. Cute blog!
    Finally someone who <3's thrift stores! All of my friends think that thrifting is for old ladies, but I guess that is why we find such awesome stuff!


  6. Thanks! Thrifting is so not for old ladies, even though half the stuff I find when I thrift is lol!

  7. My Mom got me into thrifting when she was....younger than I am. Now I have so much vintage stuff I finally started selling at a co-op store but of course will never stop thrifting. I also have a PT job at a thrift shop. My Mom has volunteered at them for years.

  8. Wow that's awesome! My closet is bursting, but I haven't spent all that much on all the clothes I have in there because of thrift stores.