Monday, October 11, 2010

Past Finds

French tshirt-$.74-I have worn this so many times!

Gorgeous blue tunic-$3.50

Hollister and Abercrombie-$3.50 each.-I hardly ever set foot in the actual stores!

Juicy Couture!-$3.50-No,it's not yellowed. It's a dusty shade of pink and looks new.


Izod yellow button down-$3.50

Sequined vintage tank-$2.50


Blue dress shirt-$3.50

Vintage sunglasses-FREE!-Found them floating in the ocean!

Floral bikini-$14.99,Tjmaxx-Sorry, I don't buy swimsuits used! I couldn't resist the floral pattern though.

Today I was inspired to write again when I saw almost 500 people from all over the world have visited my blog in the past week! That is very exciting to me! :) These items are a few of my favorite past finds. Some of them I've had for a few years and some I just recently purchased. I've been trying to find some new thrift stores in my area but have heard the few we have are pretty dingy. I may check them out anyway, because as you know, someone else's trash could be my next treasure!


  1. Hi there-great finds, love your first top!! x

  2. Hey. LOVE your blue tunic and black vintage tank. Around here, I cant never find goodies like that!

  3. Love the Juicy Couture shirt- can't believe it was only $3.50! What a find :)

  4. Love your great finds. Because of Marisa (newdressaday), I went to
    a thrift store and garage sale for the first time, and now I am hooked!!! I get the
    most amazing things, for such great prices, it's a whole new world that I had no idea it existed. My husband wants me to start a blog to share things I got also, but my time is short now. Love seen your stuff. Keep it up.

  5. Thank you! I was never into it that much before, but a few years ago I actually started looking through the stuff when my mom would take me to Goodwill and was amazed at what I could find! I haven't been the same since ! :)