Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thrifting around the US

I've been wearing this camel cardigan a lot lately! It's one of the most versatile and comfortably chic pieces I own and only cost $7.00 at TJMaxx! I absolutely adore my vintage jaguar purse as well. I picked it up at a Goodwill a few years back in Oregon I think? It looks like new and it's so unique. You don't see stuff like this sold in stores! That's what I love about thrifting is that very rarely will anyone have the same pieces as you do. Whenever my family would go on vacation we always made sure to stop by a skatepark for my brother and a Goodwill for me. I've been to Goodwills all across America-Oregon,Texas,Colorado,and various places along the way. It has always been a dream to be able to visit every Goodwill in America (there are about 2,400!), but for now I think I will stick with visiting every Goodwill in my area first. :)

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