Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday Finds

     Yesterday my astronomy class let out an hour early, so I went to one of my favorite little thrift stores. I don't stop by here often, but whenever I do I am completely amazed at the finds! I have never seen a store sell such great items for so little!

Ebay purchase #1-Vintage red rose necklace, $8.50

Ebay purchase #2-Vintage Giovanni rose necklace-$8.50

Thrift store brooches-Enameled flower (50 cents) and pink flowers (75 cents)

Monet charm bracelet-$1.50

Japan teacup-$2

Quilted purse-$2

Horse belt-$1


  1. Great find! Really loving that horse belt. Definitely can't beat those prices either!

  2. They were practically giving it all away!