Woman Behind the Blog

My name is Elise and one of my greatest passions is thrifting. 

What this blog is:
  • A place for me to share my thrifty finds, daily outfits, and lifestyle with you
  • A place for you to share your best finds 

My spiritual life:
     I'm learning that my greatest joy is to be found in Jesus Christ and not the things of this world. As much as I love thrifting, He will always have to come first.

My thrifting background:
      I started thrifting because I grew up in the environment where saving money was a priority. We never had cable tv (and we survived how?) and didn't go out to eat much. Our weekends usually consisted of  being carted off to garage sales and Goodwill stores. You could easily say that at least half our home decor has come from secondhand stores, but you would never be able to tell!

My personal life:
      I'm currently only 19 years old, but age is just a number. The quality of my writing and blog content is what I should be judged on. I attend the local community college and will graduate with my Associate's degree this December. Other than thrifting, I enjoy dancing, photography, singing in my car, and taking catnaps. I am an English major (go figure!) but ultimately want to become a librarian.

Why I started this blog:
     To be honest, most people don't even know I like thrifting! It's hard to talk about it with people when they already have the preconceived notion that all thrift stores are nasty and "why would you want to wear dirty clothes that could have been on a dead person?" I started this blog as an outlet to tell all of you who can appreciate good finds because it's hard to keep great stuff to yourself!


  1. I'm happy to read that you have a spiritual side, a person needs to balance material with spiritual. I am a Baha'i and continue to be amazed at the wonder of humanity in all its diversity.

  2. Where have you gone? We miss you and your blog. I hope all is well and that we see more of you soon.