Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My room

     It may surprise you, but I also have many other interests besides thrifting, with interior design being one of them. Even though I don't own a house yet, I still have control over what my bedroom looks like. If I could wear my room on my body I would, because my design style is very similar to my clothing taste.Blue is my favorite color and my entire room is based around the theme of "blue" and "antiques". These are a few pictures of part of my room, with more coming in another post. :)

Bedspread was bought on Ebay

This picture was bought on a vacation at Goodwill and I loved it so much I wrapped it up and took it on board the airplane as my carryon!

My wall of necklaces...I have a slight obsession!

I collect vintage lockets.

These are just some of my larger necklaces that don't fit in a jewelry box.

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