Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Past Finds: Blazers

Good morning all! One of my favorite things to find at Goodwill is blazers, mostly because blazers in regular retail stores cost so much more than finding them at thrift stores. I love the blazer with jeans look, but I never wanted to pay full price just to experiment with them. These are my favorites I have found thus far...

Forever 21 Blazer(technically free,bought with store credit!)

Charlotte Russe blazer ($5), Goodwill

Forever 21 blazer,($5) Goodwill

Gap blazer,($5) Goodwill

The last one pictured, the Gap blazer, looks brand new! I was so happy to come across this one because when I looked up it's original retail price of about $75, $5 seemed like a bargain!

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