Saturday, October 23, 2010

Usual Weekends

     I had one of my usual weekends which involved a stop at my local Goodwill. I'm normally not a fan of going on Saturday evenings because it's always crowded and some of the best stuff has been snatched up by then. I did find some great deals though...:) The floral printed dress was GORGEOUS and totally me...but it was a size 2! It fit everywhere except the chest, and squeeze as I tried, it just looked like I was attempting to fit into a dress too small. I had to leave it but that's how it goes sometimes.

      On the other hand, the navy blue H&M dress was a size 6 and fit like a dream. I've never had a dress that fit so well in all the right places! I was also the proud finder of a vintage Oscar de la Renta windbreaker with a gorgeous silk pattern, but the XL size and yellow stains just weren't cutting it. I also snagged this Westclox clock made in Germany for $3.99! The lady at the register said there were a bunch of them and that they sold like hotcakes...double darn...I could have started a collection. I have to say I'm totally addicted to floral prints. :)


H&M dress-$5.39

Love this dress!

And the pattern...

Black and gold straw purse-$3.50


  1. Fabulous finds!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I will definately follow you!