Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lucky day!

Identical tea set that I almost got to add to my collection except the one in Goodwill had another teapot and tray.

International Silver Co. teapot ($2.69) Goodwill-I am in love with this pot, but it needs some TLC!

WURL brown dress shorts ($2.24)

Patricia Dumont vintage scarf ($.44)-Reminds me of the 60's...

Designers Petite Originals cardigan ($3.32)-I am a sucker for beautiful cardigans!


DW3 navy blazer ($4.94) -Can't wait to incorporate this one! Fits perfectly!

Isaac Mizrahi pink blazer-($2.47)- Can't wait to wear this one for spring....

Dress had no tag, but I loved the pattern! ($5.39)

Only 89 cents!

Today was a beautiful day, slightly on the hot side though. I went to a picnic and afterwards had to stop at my favorite Goodwill! I went to the back to check out the glassware first as usual and much to my surprise came across this beautiful silver tea set! I had to have it, but I didn't have a cart with me so I told myself I'd come back in twenty minutes to grab it since it had been there since Monday. Twenty minutes later I came back and...IT WAS GONE! ): There were two teapots and they only took one, so I snagged that one at least. I have definitely learned my lesson!


  1. Awesome! I have collected so much silverplate pieces from Savers and the Salvation Army. U are so lucky to find the teapot for so cheap!

  2. Isn't it beautiful?! I was so amazed and like I said, so upset I didn't grab the other pieces when i saw it! It would have been a full teaset with the tray for only $13!