Thursday, October 28, 2010

The beginning of this week

     The first part of this week has been filled with school, school, guessed it, more school! I'm doing 18 credits (6 classes) at the local college and it's starting to drive me nuts. I just want to get on to the fun stuff and start my English degree instead of dawdling around finishing up with this Associate's. Oh's just another part of life! I had a hard time deciding whether or not I wanted to keep these leather boots or go with a similar style in suede, but my Facebook friends voted leather for sure. I picked them up at Ross this week for $22.99! If you don't buy boots at Ross, you're just getting ripped off, because ALL of their boots are between $16.99-$22.99! I can't wait to go back to see what else they have in stock! :)

I am in love with this outfit, although the boots did get me some stares. Nobody wears high heels where I come from.

Target ($12.99)

     I've also been a maniacal Ebay freak the past few days and bought 4 different pieces of jewelry and that gorgeous vintage phone I couldn't stop talking about. I'll post pictures when I receive my goodies in the mail. My Ebay excuse of the week: It's my birthday tomorrow; therefore I must treat myself!

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