Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Week

     This weekend was filled with working, thrifting, and churching (my new word!). My birthday is this Friday, so I'm thinking Saturday I'll head out to the big city of Orlando and hit up some giant thrift stores! You know you're hopelessly in trouble when you want to go thrifting for your birthday instead of something "normal" such as clubbing. Hopefully I'll have some great finds to post for you! This is what I've been wearing the past few days...

Work outfit from Friday.

Vintage VERA scarf that was $4!

H&M dress from Goodwill that I bought this Saturday

Church look
I've also been considering some of the suggestions that were given to me in a few previous posts. Let's just say I'm going to try and incorporate some of those ideas and make this blog even more amazing. :) Thanks for following!


  1. Love the way you belted the sweater over your new dress!

  2. Thanks! At first I wasn't sure about it, but then I thought why not! :)