Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Blog Spotlight: Atlantic-Pacific

    This Sunday I am choosing to feature the fashion blog Atlantic-Pacific. I found it this week while browsing through some other blogs and was very impressed! I have never seen style like hers anywhere. Everyday she seems to have a new persona, whether it be feminine, rocker, or an eclectic mix. She started the blog this past April so is still fairly new, but is definitely a blog that will rise to the top quickly! Check her out here:


  1. Your blog is so inspiring! ^^

    Atlantic-Pacific is such a great blog too! =D

    *X* following you! ^^

  2. You are so sweet!! Thank you for the feature...and I love blog :)

  3. Great blogger to profile. I love when people share the blog love. Good for you!

  4. Thanks! I've got to pass on the favors! :)