Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Day 1

     Alright, so I decided to embrace this cold, high of 65 degree weather by running to my warmest cowlneck sweater! I believe I bought this back in June and would have worn it sooner if we weren't always swamped with heatwaves. These gray jeans I bought a few months back and have only worn a few times, so they needed to see the light of day as well. My brooch was also never worn, so this outfit just signifies 3 pieces in my closet that have been sitting there unloved!

Sweater (Rampage) Goodwill- $2.50, Brooch (Yard sale) $1, Jeans (Bullhead) Goodwill- $5.30, Boots (Ross) $22.99


  1. really, really cute. good call on letting them all see the light of day :)

  2. Too Cute. I love the weather we are having. I been pulling out my warm stuff too.

  3. Very cute! I also tried to incorporate items that rarely see the light of day.

    Happy remixing!


  4. The brooch is so cute it really adds some fun detail to this look!