Thursday, December 2, 2010

Picnic Basket!

     Today when I went to Goodwill I was rewarded by double checking my surroundings! I scanned the shelves as usual but didn't pay much attention to the bottom shelf, but when I checked a second time I spotted this awesome picnic basket for $3.50! I HAD to have it! Even if I never use it on picnics, it's just the cutest thing.

My picnic basket! $3.50

It even came with the original plastic plates and cups

2 mini vases to add to my collection-50 cents each

Silver pieces- $2.50 each

I bought 4 of these from Ross for $2.99 each-so cute!

Goodwill find-$1.99

Ebay find-99 cents for both without shipping costs


  1. What great finds! Those pieces look great for a fancy, whimsical picnic! Love those silver glasses.

    Sidewalk Chic (formerly Sidewalk Chalk)

  2. Thanks! They match great with the silver teapot I already have! :)

  3. amazing finds :)

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  4. Really love that picnic basket- especially since it came with the original plates/cups!
    The first thing I did when I thrifted my picnic basket was go out and find a checkered picnic blanket to go with it!

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  6. Great Find. You picnic basket made me think of yogi bear.

  7. I love to see what you find. I am going to Goodwill after work today!

  8. Aw yes I actually do have a red picnic blanket in my garage so I will have to use it! Now I just need to go out and have a picnic! :)